The match is held at the Desert Sportsman’s shooting range, 20min west of the Strip in Las Vegas. Its situated in the foothills of a mountain range and I’d call it semi desert terrain. I love this kind of terrain and the heat that comes with it, we’re just missing a pale rider coming over the ridge as we shoot.

My squad is an international squad with a bunch of guys from the Philippines, two guys from Colorado, a couple from Florida a shooter from Arizona and a damn Swede… We are really having a good time.

The first match is the Open and Production championship and as I have equipment for neither one I’m using my limited gun in Open. The only piece of open kit I have is a 26 round magazine given to me by Infinity the day before the match, its great.

My equipment is flawless, a dream to shot – I’m a very fortunate shooter to be backed by the best – Capsicum of Danmark and Infinity of Texas.

We started on stage 11 a short course with 12 rounds. I shot a little slow but I got through without any serious problem. As we continued shooting the wind started picking up blowing apart anything that was not securely staked to the ground. The quartermaster crew got their hands full in fixing stages to coop with the increasing sand storm. Last year’s match in Tulsa got the name “Mud Bowl” this will probably be the “Dust Bowl”, I much prefer the latter.

I dropped a M and PT on the last stage but was pretty happy with how my shooting was feeling, I was getting into shape for the limited match which is the goal of this exercise.

Day 2

We started on stage 16 and I shot pretty well again, I was starting to really like having 26+1 capacity – much less cleaning of magazines.

—- Stage 16 – walk trough.

I shot day 2 clean but picked up a few too many D’s, but I’m feeling better about my shooting for every stage I shoot. I was keeping up with some of the Philippino Open shooters (with real open guns) and that is pretty cool. Shooting in the morning is less windy as it really only starts to pick up around lunchtime. A few competitors and shooters has succumbed to the intense heat, but I’m loving it. Staying out of the sun when not shooting or helping out is key.

Day 3.

Another afternoon section and again the wind was there to sandblast us, some shooters are having jams due to high levels of dust in the air, I don’t usually place all my mags in the bag between stages but here they are only on the belt the absolute minimum of time. With all the dust I’ve been a little reluctant to use the video camera but I got one of the Philippino guys to film a couple of stages, which can be seen in my IPSC gallery.

I shot two more PT’s today, both had to be overlayed into the PT area but fair enough they touched but I could have used a little of my luck from Sandaknallen here. Oh well I’ll use all my luck in the next match instead.

The stages are high speed with some penalty targets but for the Open guys I can’t really see that this would be considered a difficult match. The stages are fine but I had expected more of a National championship of this caliber.

The shooters of squad 30 are having a ball and tomorrow we’ll only shoot 2 stages and chrono. Then it’s time to get ready for the main event, the Limited match. I’ll try to run daily updates from that match but can’t promise anything. Stay tuned and you’ll see.

Over and out (for now).