The first match was very useful in more way than one, the matches are almost identical so having shot the first is definitely an advantage. Getting used to the heat is another, I like it hot and have no problems with the high temperatures but it does take a while to get used to it and used to the extra procedures it requires in terms of hydration and salt levels.

I’m squatted with Ron and Kert of the Team Infinity and a whole bunch of nice officers of the Phoenix PD. Having a good, friendly and joking attitude in the squad from the start always helps, with this bunch we are in for a good couple of days.

We started on one of the “European” stages where Kees and Dick from Holland kept us in line. It was a 29 round long course and apart from throwing the mag change (cost me about a second or so) I shot well. 3 movning targets but none that needed any second thoughts.

We headed to stage 15, a small stage with a few options, I shot ok but not was searching to the rhythm.

Stage 16 was another shorter cof, it had the “turtle” target as the IPSC target is called out here. There were some really tight shots at decent distance on this one, a LOT of white tape will be used on this one. I dropped only 1 point in a respectable time, felling little happier.

Going to from stage 16 to stage 1 was some distance so true to anywhere else in America when more than two steps are required there is a Shuttle bus… most people just drive anyway. Amazing.

Stage 1 was exactly the same as the first match, 12 rounds with a few penalties that came into play. I had a malfunctioning brass, or was not behind the gun good enough on the draw (first shot in .84) I lost a second or so there but shot my points after that.

Stage 2 was a 16 round cluster fu…. No m nor pt but I lost my vision, I don’t know if I got a reverse head rush going into that squatting position but I had real trouble seeing which resulted in a really crappy time. I shot 22 seconds and it will probably be shot at around 15. Oh well at least I had my points with me.

The match is fun, we have a great squad and tomorrow we are shooting 186 rounds of 306 so it’s a pretty big day. I better hit the sack. More tomorrow.

A few picks and video on my main page.

More tomorrow