Today it was time for some medium and long courses. We started on stage 3, a 22 round high hit factor stage. I think it was my best stage of the first match because it’s a lot of shooting on the move and constantly shifting from left to right. This time they had added a few PT’s and tighten the ones on the last 3 targets. It makes little sense making it so much harder going from Open to Limited, but I don’t mind. I shot pretty well only dropping 1 point but I did shot 1½ second slower than the first match which could be attributed to the tighter shots.

Stage 4 was a 29 round long course with a little timing that need to be worked out, I went for the safe option which turned out to be far toooo safe so I had to wait a little for a mouse-trap target. In the last array of 3 targets all within 4 meters I managed to pull the gun off target and shot a M. A miss on a 35m target with a PT is maybe acceptable but a full-size target within 5m should be a freebee 10 points… I have to work that out for next season.

Stage 5 – 18 rounds with awkward positioning, my choreographer will be put in the shame closet on this one because I lost too much on my bad footing…

Stage 6 – 27 rounds, medium hit factor and I produced another stupid 3 meter Mike. Crap I shot pretty well again but another freebee shot that cost dearly.

Stage 7 – 17 Round Texas star stage, in the Open match it was static but with a couple of hardcover’s in the way, this time they put a weight on it so it started spinning when the hatch was opened. Far more difficult to shoot but I survived the stage. One of the officers of the Phoenix PD rocked it and shot it using only 17 rounds in a blistering time.

Stage 8 – 22 Rounds of pure fun.

After two days I’m not exactly where I wanted to be but probably where I could have expected with a lousy summer. I’ll stick to my plan tomorrow and see how far that takes me.