For the first day in Vegas I woke up felling light and ready, Wille and I played in the Pool for an hour before I jumped into the car and headed for the range. The feeling was soon gone as I was stopped for speeding, well I was stopped and it took forever for the Highway Patrol to do whatever they do, they were nice enough not to give me a ticket but I was now running late. I showed up at the range just as the walk through was to begin.

There was plenty of time to get ready but I couldn’t get the rushed feeling out of the system and I shot a crap stage picking up another 2 mikes on open targets. Our next stage was chrono and i came in at 169 so that stage went well.

The day continued in dismal fashion, I shot stage 11 and 12 ok but the other 3 stages of the day will probably turn out to be very expensive. Improving on last year’s Nationals will probably not be possible.

Having finished on the last stage I just wanted to break something, even if I’ve shot poorly (by my standards) the whole summer I should be able to shoot much better than I did today, the problem is that I can’t really tell what’s wrong – it just isn’t there, the flow the feeling I rely upon to do well. I have a whole winter to figure it out, I’m not dwelling on it now. It’s time for Wille and I to turn our backs on the real world and head to Yellowstone for some pure vacation.

Take care / over and out from Vegas.