The last match of the year is over. This past weekend was spend at a very familiar shooting range in Quickborn, just north of Hamburg in Germany.

This is a very popular match, especially amongst Danes as it is a relatively short drive. This year the word had spread North as 6 newbie Swedes showed up. In the years we’ve travelled the European circuit Swedes has been far and few between, but in the last two years that has started to change and I’m not the sole Swede as often as before.

Zig and I were the only two from Team Capsicum Danmark that could attend but we had the pleasure of being joined by Jörgen Björk, who had never shot a match in Germany.

We always stay at the nearby Sportshotel Quickborn which is a little more expensive than the budget options a bit further away but we get a little discount and the rooms are bigger and better, so is the breakfast. However the pillow really sucks. We also took the time to show Jörgen the old style bowling lanes in the basement. We spent an hour trying to get a strike but determined it was impossible without a firearm…

The briefing was at 08.30 and first shot at 09.00 (I think). 4 squads of 25, one for each of the 3 shooting positions and one resting. 25 shooters in a squad is a lot but the only way to get a decent amount of shooters through the match. Saturday is always a loooong day in Quickborn where you often spend 12-13 hours on the range. Shooting 6 stages in 12-13 hours is a real test for most shooters, how do you perform at your best with so much time in between stages. I’m sure some of the first timers (and old) learned something new about their own performance at this match.

This match is really not my style of shooting, often running in a zig-zag pattern between low, lower and really low shooting positions with a majority of the targets at short distance. Jörgen was of the same opinion. I had practice well the last couple of weeks before this match, live-, dryfire and airsoft so I felt in good form to challenge for the win. I’m pleased that my positioning was fine, all empty starts and reloads went well (both have plagued me before). After Saturday I had a very slim lead over Ralf K. with local ace Michael S. a little further behind.

Faj and Johan Hansen had a close battle in Open. Faj’s lightning speed is well suited at this match but Johan showed that consistence is better over time so the race was close.

The battle in production division was probably the most exciting with 5 shooters alternating in the top during day 1. Marian L – GER, Hage – DEN, Jack – DEN, Henrik F. – DEN and Jörgen – SWE.

We left the range late and headed over to the well camouflaged Italian restaurant that has become our food of choice. Take a industrial building (possibly a car repair shop) cover the “pit” leave all the ventilation and throw in a few park benches and vinyl table cloths add a good menu and really good food and you have a very popular restaurant. Food is great, atmosphere is lets say special.

Falling asleep is no problem after 13 hours on the range, although people that share room with me sometimes are of a different opinion…

We had 5 stages left for Sunday and they were maybe a little more interesting than the ones on Saturday. I started bad with blowing a speed shoot by wasting 5 rounds on a small plate. The light is dim in places and vision is a problem because its very easy to shift to a target focus when the lighting is bad losing the sight focus needed to hit.

I shot another M on one of the few stages that allowed for some shooting on the move, well I moved a little to fast and did not finish the target before heading to the next shooting position. I was now behind by 20 some points and with two stages left Ralf had to make a severe mistake in order for me to catch him because outperforming him enough on two stages in Quickborn to gain 20 match points is not realistic.

I did create some controversy on our last stage on the 100m range which has the worst lighting conditions of the 3 shooting positions. I’m the proud owner of the fantastic Surefire E2DL flashlight which I attached to my hearing protection and used during the stage in an attempt to make the targets more visible. I worked quite well and I won the stage. I finished 2nd with 96.72%. After a really aweful summer and fall I’m pleased with how I shot this match but the few mistakes I made were a few more than what Ralf made so he won. Michael S finished 3rd.

Marian L. came out blazing on Sunday winning most of the stages and pulled into the lead in standard minor division. Jörgen felt a little conservative but by shooting no D’s nor M’s showed that consistancy takes you a long way finishing 2nd to Marian with 98.21%. Henrik F. shot one of the best matches in a long while and he’s amazing to watch. Hage’s and Jack’s fast feet took them out of the race for the podium.

In open Faj’s fast feet won him the match but Johan was not far behind at 98.23%. Congratulation Faj to another PM.

We also had a Swedish battle in Revolver where Anders W. ousted the newly crowned Swedish Champion Olle L, claiming second place. I’m sure Olle was reminded the whole way back to JKG.

I took no pictures but Jack has a new toy and once he’s done editing the 1M pictures he took you’ll probably find some great ones on his site

A special thanks to my Sponsors and Team for suppling the best equipment and support a shooter could ever wish for.

The few pictures I took.

I’m all in favor for introducing a “vertically challenged” category in IPSC…

Faj really liked his award…

So did Jörgen…