When helping customers to determine the best design for them there are many questions to go through. Here are some that I have encountered.

Q) Why is Capsicum Standard more expensive than an STI Edge?

A) The comparison is on the same level as “why is a BMW 535 more expensive than a 518” To the common eye they look similar but almost all parts are different.

Q) Are the new steel and alu grips backwards compatible.

A) Yes, some minor fittings are required, and it should be done by a someone that knows what he is doing.

Q) What parts are in a gripkit?

A) Grip, Triggerbow, Mainspring, Mag Release, TriggerBase, Screws. Not the magwell is not included.

Q) What does the different letters on the breeachface mean?

A) They represent different thickness, for the ultimate lockup and precision.

Q) Can after market magwells be fitted on the new grips.

A) No, but a good gunsmith can probably do some magic.

Q) Are the different sizes in the sight notch?

A) Yes the rear sight notch comes in 3 widths. Thin, medium, wide.

Q) How do I affix the grip tape?

A) Glue, but remember to use a glue that can come off using acetone or something similar. Using a 2 component expoxy glue will be very difficult to remove.

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