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Getting Ready for IPSC-10

Training Posted on 02 May, 2010 23:28:08

About this time every year (April/May) I’m usually in really good form, but the performance at the Kalvebod match showed that I was not really in shape yet.

My training plan was interrupted in Feb when I severely bruised two ribs which put me out of action for a month. With fewer matches at the start of this season I’ve focused on serious practice during April. Back to basics has been the theme and shooting the Elite status of IPSC SE qualifications was the target for basic training. The weather has been on the cold side for my fingers to work a smooth reload, so I keep stumbling on stage 2. I was lucky enough to get a session indoors which proved the missing link in getting through stage 2, at the end my reload hand was blue for the constant slaming of magazines..

April has been a serious month with almost 3500 rounds down range, of those 2500 has been shot the last 5 days. A lot of basic stuff, hours of video filming and a couple of hours of talking to other shooters. It has been 5 great days, mentally tough but really good.

Wednesday and Thursday I practiced precision and speed precision and a lot of reloads but I couldn’t really get it to work, precision was fine but the reloads left something to be desired…

Friday was the first full day at the range for the season, the weather fairly warm (10 C) and a few rain squalls. Some ammo testing, the new match load for this season was tried and its the best yet.

200g Archipelago TC
4,9 Grain VV 320
Fed 100
PF 176

Saturday started with STD practice and I was shooting ok but the reloads wasn’t there yet, we also practiced a popper / swinger setup and from 15m it proved a real test to get two good hits on that swinger in one show.. I thought I was pretty hot at swingers but damn the winter had cooled me off pretty well. A really good practice session.

Saturday afternoon was the first time I holstered my fantastic Open Infinity for a real practice. I’ve done a lot of testing of ammo and scope mounts as my grip prevented me from a standard scope mount. Luckily I have good friends that could help out with a custom mount. Open is a blast to shoot but they certainly don’t shoot them-selvs… something I really found out this weekend. Combining standard and open practice show real potential.


Sunday was a fantastic day, warmer and everything just worked, I’m not sure that my focused training had paid off but If I shoot like this for 24 stages in September the other guys will start getting nervous.. I started with 300 rounds open and I was starting to become friend with my pistol, the dot dances like a belly dancer on steroids but that has to be ignored to certain degree, it cannot be stopped.


Once that open ammo was depleted it was time to change over to standard, and everything was jsut there, the hits, the reload, positioning it just worked.

Of 18 misses last year 16 were on targets witing 5 meters so sundays practice was mainly on targets of that distance, it work fine, everything work great. It was a fantastic feeling that after so many hours everything just was there, without effort or thought.

Now I have to find some ammo to continue the training, there are some big matches in the near future.

Shoot straight.

Gunbuilder 101 – Q & A

INFINITY Posted on 01 Feb, 2010 03:24:06

When helping customers to determine the best design for them there are many questions to go through. Here are some that I have encountered.

Q) Why is Capsicum Standard more expensive than an STI Edge?

A) The comparison is on the same level as “why is a BMW 535 more expensive than a 518” To the common eye they look similar but almost all parts are different.

Q) Are the new steel and alu grips backwards compatible.

A) Yes, some minor fittings are required, and it should be done by a someone that knows what he is doing.

Q) What parts are in a gripkit?

A) Grip, Triggerbow, Mainspring, Mag Release, TriggerBase, Screws. Not the magwell is not included.

Q) What does the different letters on the breeachface mean?

A) They represent different thickness, for the ultimate lockup and precision.

Q) Can after market magwells be fitted on the new grips.

A) No, but a good gunsmith can probably do some magic.

Q) Are the different sizes in the sight notch?

A) Yes the rear sight notch comes in 3 widths. Thin, medium, wide.

Q) How do I affix the grip tape?

A) Glue, but remember to use a glue that can come off using acetone or something similar. Using a 2 component expoxy glue will be very difficult to remove.

Add your own

14th Schleswig-Holstein Match

IPSC Posted on 17 Nov, 2009 13:05:06

The last match of the year is over. This past weekend was spend at a very familiar shooting range in Quickborn, just north of Hamburg in Germany.

This is a very popular match, especially amongst Danes as it is a relatively short drive. This year the word had spread North as 6 newbie Swedes showed up. In the years we’ve travelled the European circuit Swedes has been far and few between, but in the last two years that has started to change and I’m not the sole Swede as often as before.

Zig and I were the only two from Team Capsicum Danmark that could attend but we had the pleasure of being joined by Jörgen Björk, who had never shot a match in Germany.

We always stay at the nearby Sportshotel Quickborn which is a little more expensive than the budget options a bit further away but we get a little discount and the rooms are bigger and better, so is the breakfast. However the pillow really sucks. We also took the time to show Jörgen the old style bowling lanes in the basement. We spent an hour trying to get a strike but determined it was impossible without a firearm…

The briefing was at 08.30 and first shot at 09.00 (I think). 4 squads of 25, one for each of the 3 shooting positions and one resting. 25 shooters in a squad is a lot but the only way to get a decent amount of shooters through the match. Saturday is always a loooong day in Quickborn where you often spend 12-13 hours on the range. Shooting 6 stages in 12-13 hours is a real test for most shooters, how do you perform at your best with so much time in between stages. I’m sure some of the first timers (and old) learned something new about their own performance at this match.

This match is really not my style of shooting, often running in a zig-zag pattern between low, lower and really low shooting positions with a majority of the targets at short distance. Jörgen was of the same opinion. I had practice well the last couple of weeks before this match, live-, dryfire and airsoft so I felt in good form to challenge for the win. I’m pleased that my positioning was fine, all empty starts and reloads went well (both have plagued me before). After Saturday I had a very slim lead over Ralf K. with local ace Michael S. a little further behind.

Faj and Johan Hansen had a close battle in Open. Faj’s lightning speed is well suited at this match but Johan showed that consistence is better over time so the race was close.

The battle in production division was probably the most exciting with 5 shooters alternating in the top during day 1. Marian L – GER, Hage – DEN, Jack – DEN, Henrik F. – DEN and Jörgen – SWE.

We left the range late and headed over to the well camouflaged Italian restaurant that has become our food of choice. Take a industrial building (possibly a car repair shop) cover the “pit” leave all the ventilation and throw in a few park benches and vinyl table cloths add a good menu and really good food and you have a very popular restaurant. Food is great, atmosphere is lets say special.

Falling asleep is no problem after 13 hours on the range, although people that share room with me sometimes are of a different opinion…

We had 5 stages left for Sunday and they were maybe a little more interesting than the ones on Saturday. I started bad with blowing a speed shoot by wasting 5 rounds on a small plate. The light is dim in places and vision is a problem because its very easy to shift to a target focus when the lighting is bad losing the sight focus needed to hit.

I shot another M on one of the few stages that allowed for some shooting on the move, well I moved a little to fast and did not finish the target before heading to the next shooting position. I was now behind by 20 some points and with two stages left Ralf had to make a severe mistake in order for me to catch him because outperforming him enough on two stages in Quickborn to gain 20 match points is not realistic.

I did create some controversy on our last stage on the 100m range which has the worst lighting conditions of the 3 shooting positions. I’m the proud owner of the fantastic Surefire E2DL flashlight which I attached to my hearing protection and used during the stage in an attempt to make the targets more visible. I worked quite well and I won the stage. I finished 2nd with 96.72%. After a really aweful summer and fall I’m pleased with how I shot this match but the few mistakes I made were a few more than what Ralf made so he won. Michael S finished 3rd.

Marian L. came out blazing on Sunday winning most of the stages and pulled into the lead in standard minor division. Jörgen felt a little conservative but by shooting no D’s nor M’s showed that consistancy takes you a long way finishing 2nd to Marian with 98.21%. Henrik F. shot one of the best matches in a long while and he’s amazing to watch. Hage’s and Jack’s fast feet took them out of the race for the podium.

In open Faj’s fast feet won him the match but Johan was not far behind at 98.23%. Congratulation Faj to another PM.

We also had a Swedish battle in Revolver where Anders W. ousted the newly crowned Swedish Champion Olle L, claiming second place. I’m sure Olle was reminded the whole way back to JKG.

I took no pictures but Jack has a new toy and once he’s done editing the 1M pictures he took you’ll probably find some great ones on his site

A special thanks to my Sponsors and Team for suppling the best equipment and support a shooter could ever wish for.

The few pictures I took.

I’m all in favor for introducing a “vertically challenged” category in IPSC…

Faj really liked his award…

So did Jörgen…

US Limited Nationals Last day

IPSC Posted on 20 Sep, 2009 02:34:32

For the first day in Vegas I woke up felling light and ready, Wille and I played in the Pool for an hour before I jumped into the car and headed for the range. The feeling was soon gone as I was stopped for speeding, well I was stopped and it took forever for the Highway Patrol to do whatever they do, they were nice enough not to give me a ticket but I was now running late. I showed up at the range just as the walk through was to begin.

There was plenty of time to get ready but I couldn’t get the rushed feeling out of the system and I shot a crap stage picking up another 2 mikes on open targets. Our next stage was chrono and i came in at 169 so that stage went well.

The day continued in dismal fashion, I shot stage 11 and 12 ok but the other 3 stages of the day will probably turn out to be very expensive. Improving on last year’s Nationals will probably not be possible.

Having finished on the last stage I just wanted to break something, even if I’ve shot poorly (by my standards) the whole summer I should be able to shoot much better than I did today, the problem is that I can’t really tell what’s wrong – it just isn’t there, the flow the feeling I rely upon to do well. I have a whole winter to figure it out, I’m not dwelling on it now. It’s time for Wille and I to turn our backs on the real world and head to Yellowstone for some pure vacation.

Take care / over and out from Vegas.

US Limited Nationals Day 2

IPSC Posted on 19 Sep, 2009 08:45:11

Today it was time for some medium and long courses. We started on stage 3, a 22 round high hit factor stage. I think it was my best stage of the first match because it’s a lot of shooting on the move and constantly shifting from left to right. This time they had added a few PT’s and tighten the ones on the last 3 targets. It makes little sense making it so much harder going from Open to Limited, but I don’t mind. I shot pretty well only dropping 1 point but I did shot 1½ second slower than the first match which could be attributed to the tighter shots.

Stage 4 was a 29 round long course with a little timing that need to be worked out, I went for the safe option which turned out to be far toooo safe so I had to wait a little for a mouse-trap target. In the last array of 3 targets all within 4 meters I managed to pull the gun off target and shot a M. A miss on a 35m target with a PT is maybe acceptable but a full-size target within 5m should be a freebee 10 points… I have to work that out for next season.

Stage 5 – 18 rounds with awkward positioning, my choreographer will be put in the shame closet on this one because I lost too much on my bad footing…

Stage 6 – 27 rounds, medium hit factor and I produced another stupid 3 meter Mike. Crap I shot pretty well again but another freebee shot that cost dearly.

Stage 7 – 17 Round Texas star stage, in the Open match it was static but with a couple of hardcover’s in the way, this time they put a weight on it so it started spinning when the hatch was opened. Far more difficult to shoot but I survived the stage. One of the officers of the Phoenix PD rocked it and shot it using only 17 rounds in a blistering time.

Stage 8 – 22 Rounds of pure fun.

After two days I’m not exactly where I wanted to be but probably where I could have expected with a lousy summer. I’ll stick to my plan tomorrow and see how far that takes me.

US Limited Nationals Day 1

IPSC Posted on 18 Sep, 2009 09:04:21

The first match was very useful in more way than one, the matches are almost identical so having shot the first is definitely an advantage. Getting used to the heat is another, I like it hot and have no problems with the high temperatures but it does take a while to get used to it and used to the extra procedures it requires in terms of hydration and salt levels.

I’m squatted with Ron and Kert of the Team Infinity and a whole bunch of nice officers of the Phoenix PD. Having a good, friendly and joking attitude in the squad from the start always helps, with this bunch we are in for a good couple of days.

We started on one of the “European” stages where Kees and Dick from Holland kept us in line. It was a 29 round long course and apart from throwing the mag change (cost me about a second or so) I shot well. 3 movning targets but none that needed any second thoughts.

We headed to stage 15, a small stage with a few options, I shot ok but not was searching to the rhythm.

Stage 16 was another shorter cof, it had the “turtle” target as the IPSC target is called out here. There were some really tight shots at decent distance on this one, a LOT of white tape will be used on this one. I dropped only 1 point in a respectable time, felling little happier.

Going to from stage 16 to stage 1 was some distance so true to anywhere else in America when more than two steps are required there is a Shuttle bus… most people just drive anyway. Amazing.

Stage 1 was exactly the same as the first match, 12 rounds with a few penalties that came into play. I had a malfunctioning brass, or was not behind the gun good enough on the draw (first shot in .84) I lost a second or so there but shot my points after that.

Stage 2 was a 16 round cluster fu…. No m nor pt but I lost my vision, I don’t know if I got a reverse head rush going into that squatting position but I had real trouble seeing which resulted in a really crappy time. I shot 22 seconds and it will probably be shot at around 15. Oh well at least I had my points with me.

The match is fun, we have a great squad and tomorrow we are shooting 186 rounds of 306 so it’s a pretty big day. I better hit the sack. More tomorrow.

A few picks and video on my main page.

More tomorrow

US Open / Prod Nationals

IPSC Posted on 15 Sep, 2009 08:24:12

The match is held at the Desert Sportsman’s shooting range, 20min west of the Strip in Las Vegas. Its situated in the foothills of a mountain range and I’d call it semi desert terrain. I love this kind of terrain and the heat that comes with it, we’re just missing a pale rider coming over the ridge as we shoot.

My squad is an international squad with a bunch of guys from the Philippines, two guys from Colorado, a couple from Florida a shooter from Arizona and a damn Swede… We are really having a good time.

The first match is the Open and Production championship and as I have equipment for neither one I’m using my limited gun in Open. The only piece of open kit I have is a 26 round magazine given to me by Infinity the day before the match, its great.

My equipment is flawless, a dream to shot – I’m a very fortunate shooter to be backed by the best – Capsicum of Danmark and Infinity of Texas.

We started on stage 11 a short course with 12 rounds. I shot a little slow but I got through without any serious problem. As we continued shooting the wind started picking up blowing apart anything that was not securely staked to the ground. The quartermaster crew got their hands full in fixing stages to coop with the increasing sand storm. Last year’s match in Tulsa got the name “Mud Bowl” this will probably be the “Dust Bowl”, I much prefer the latter.

I dropped a M and PT on the last stage but was pretty happy with how my shooting was feeling, I was getting into shape for the limited match which is the goal of this exercise.

Day 2

We started on stage 16 and I shot pretty well again, I was starting to really like having 26+1 capacity – much less cleaning of magazines.

—- Stage 16 – walk trough.

I shot day 2 clean but picked up a few too many D’s, but I’m feeling better about my shooting for every stage I shoot. I was keeping up with some of the Philippino Open shooters (with real open guns) and that is pretty cool. Shooting in the morning is less windy as it really only starts to pick up around lunchtime. A few competitors and shooters has succumbed to the intense heat, but I’m loving it. Staying out of the sun when not shooting or helping out is key.

Day 3.

Another afternoon section and again the wind was there to sandblast us, some shooters are having jams due to high levels of dust in the air, I don’t usually place all my mags in the bag between stages but here they are only on the belt the absolute minimum of time. With all the dust I’ve been a little reluctant to use the video camera but I got one of the Philippino guys to film a couple of stages, which can be seen in my IPSC gallery.

I shot two more PT’s today, both had to be overlayed into the PT area but fair enough they touched but I could have used a little of my luck from Sandaknallen here. Oh well I’ll use all my luck in the next match instead.

The stages are high speed with some penalty targets but for the Open guys I can’t really see that this would be considered a difficult match. The stages are fine but I had expected more of a National championship of this caliber.

The shooters of squad 30 are having a ball and tomorrow we’ll only shoot 2 stages and chrono. Then it’s time to get ready for the main event, the Limited match. I’ll try to run daily updates from that match but can’t promise anything. Stay tuned and you’ll see.

Over and out (for now).

On my way to the Nationals part 2

IPSC Posted on 14 Sep, 2009 10:21:28

My road to the Nationals had a planned stop at the Infinity factory in Grand Prairie, TX. I did create a little incident at the Denver Airport on my way when I had forgotten a magazine in one of my 4 zillion pockets of my carry on, that I also us as Range bag, I could see on the face of the screening person that something was up… Sure enough a whole army of security screeners and police showed up to look and the very interesting x-ray picture. This was not the time for smart comments and after about 30 minutes I was let off the hock with a “friendly” warning. The hardest part was to see a perfectly fine “Dalmas Custom” magazine go into the trash…

Oh well I was on my way to the best place for a possible replacement, and upon arrival I was promptly given a replacement by Brandon Strayer at Infinity. I was picked up ad DFW by Brandon in his modified truck, one of few vehicles I have to step up into. The Infinity factory is only a few minutes from the airport and is a little smaller than I had envisioned. I was given an extensive tour or better yet I was trying my best to keep up with Sandy and Brandon Strayer as they were very busy loading and resetting a multitude of high tech machines milling out all parts from bar stock material. During my 2 days a the factory I didn’t see Sandy use his office once, the CEO of the by far best 1911/2011 factory in the world uses the keyboard of the latest high tech cnc machines as his office, constantly improving on his product.

The start of all Infinity parts.

All Infinity parts start our like this. Every little part is milled out of solid blocks of steel or alu.

I was impressed by the workmanship and pride that goes into making these fine firearms. No expense is spared in their strive to produce the absolute best of the best. Us customers pay for this by having to wait an agonizingly long time for delivery, having visited the factory and see what goes into making these I have a much better understanding of just how much time it takes to make a firearm of this caliber. Once we receive our firearm that agonizingly long wait is usually soon forgotten.

I had a bunch of questions prepared from home and if I remember or understand half of what I was told I’ll be in a much better position to assist customers in Denmark and Sweden to purchase Infinity Firearms.

Both my guns got a overhaul and pulling Bubba apart it became apparent that there was crack in the barrel, extractor was broken, sight was loose so a new barrel was fitted the same goes for the extractor and sight. Running hot loads with VV N310 powder is probably the cause of the early crack in the barrel (after about 40k rounds). When I felt a little conscious about the time spent I said “that’s good enough” but was met with the response “it has to meet our standards, all guns leaving this facility must meet our standards and we’ll work on it until it does, yours is no different”. My two days at the factory was very rewarding and enlightening but I was a little worried about showing up at the Nationals with practically a new gun…

-Bubba getting a new barrel fitted

In Vegas I headed for the facility not far from the match hotel to sight in Bubba, a few clicks on the new Infinity sight was needed before heading to the range. The American Shooters facility was really impressive with a clean range and a fully stocked store. I might just go back before I head home to try some of their equipment. Maybe the S&W 500 or one of the other 50ies in the picture below. But I guess it counts on my luck at the Casino.

more to come.

The new grip in more ways than one.

A whole forrest of basepads.

The 50’s collection at American Shooters.

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