I’m fortunate that my job takes me to some interesting places, this time it was Reykjavik that need a visit. I was unlucky with the weather – well feb. is not known for good weather – because the clouds didn’t part until I flew over Vatnajökul on the way home.

The road from Keflavik to Reykjavik

Stepping outside the terminal I was greeted by slush coming from all directions, there is absolutely nothing to keep the wind from reminding visitors that they should have packed good WINDPROOF clothing. If that is a surprise – which it is to many – then you simply haven’t done your homework before setting out on your journey to Iceland. This is a rugged place, and I’m not surprised that NASA selected Iceland to prepare the astronauts for their trip to the moon. The 30min drive from the Airport to Reykjavik will show you just how rugged it is. Try to find a naturally growing tree, I didn’t.

” The rugged lanscape with the famous Blue Lagoon in the distance”

Rugged country appeals to me, and I could well find myself on vacation in Iceland to explore it some more. This was a business trip so there was not time for any major excursions, but I did go to the tourist trap “The Blue Lagoon” a natural hot spring and spa some 30 minutes outside Reykjavik. It’s famous for its blue water and healing hot spring. The famous healing clay that used to be foot deep in the bottom of the lagoon is almost gone due to exploitation. It’s a classic tourist trap and as such I try to stay away from them but with so little time it was a must.

“The rugged lava terrain, The steam is from the Blue Lagoon”

I’m lucky to work for a global organization so regardless of where I’m in the world I have a colleague that I can ask for guidance. Most often when you ask someone officially there is a hidden agenda. If you ask the receptionist at the hotel about the best restaurant they most likely have a deal with someone, so goes for everything, the taxi driver might have a deal with a certain bar or so, everybody making a living on your visit has some sort of agenda that they are trying to please. A colleague is different, most likely they don’t have an agenda but the above crates reputations and very often the answer is “the popular place is this and that” if you instead ask “where would YOU go” the response might be different, and there is a chance to experience something genuine, and often less expensive. A menu in 5 different languages where the local language is not the first, then its not a place where the locals roam, it might still be fantastic but specifically catered to the tourist. Oh well I can go on forever about how I travel… remember I…

“The Blue Lagoon, cold part”

It rained from arrival to departure so I didn’t walk around town as much as I would have liked, but I did “do” town on Thursday night and surprisingly there was a lot of people out. Downtown Reykjavik is not very big and taxis are not needed to do the whole town. I visited a few bars and with the economy being what it is at the moment the prices were resonable. There are an abundance of bar/pubs/clubs and if you don’t find one you like it’s probably something wrong with you…

“Vatnajökul – Europes largest glacier – the only time the clouds parted on my trip. Great stuff”

My short visit convinced me to come back for more, Iceland is a cool place in more ways than one.