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Getting Ready for IPSC-10

Training Posted on 02 May, 2010 23:28:08

About this time every year (April/May) I’m usually in really good form, but the performance at the Kalvebod match showed that I was not really in shape yet.

My training plan was interrupted in Feb when I severely bruised two ribs which put me out of action for a month. With fewer matches at the start of this season I’ve focused on serious practice during April. Back to basics has been the theme and shooting the Elite status of IPSC SE qualifications was the target for basic training. The weather has been on the cold side for my fingers to work a smooth reload, so I keep stumbling on stage 2. I was lucky enough to get a session indoors which proved the missing link in getting through stage 2, at the end my reload hand was blue for the constant slaming of magazines..

April has been a serious month with almost 3500 rounds down range, of those 2500 has been shot the last 5 days. A lot of basic stuff, hours of video filming and a couple of hours of talking to other shooters. It has been 5 great days, mentally tough but really good.

Wednesday and Thursday I practiced precision and speed precision and a lot of reloads but I couldn’t really get it to work, precision was fine but the reloads left something to be desired…

Friday was the first full day at the range for the season, the weather fairly warm (10 C) and a few rain squalls. Some ammo testing, the new match load for this season was tried and its the best yet.

200g Archipelago TC
4,9 Grain VV 320
Fed 100
PF 176

Saturday started with STD practice and I was shooting ok but the reloads wasn’t there yet, we also practiced a popper / swinger setup and from 15m it proved a real test to get two good hits on that swinger in one show.. I thought I was pretty hot at swingers but damn the winter had cooled me off pretty well. A really good practice session.

Saturday afternoon was the first time I holstered my fantastic Open Infinity for a real practice. I’ve done a lot of testing of ammo and scope mounts as my grip prevented me from a standard scope mount. Luckily I have good friends that could help out with a custom mount. Open is a blast to shoot but they certainly don’t shoot them-selvs… something I really found out this weekend. Combining standard and open practice show real potential.


Sunday was a fantastic day, warmer and everything just worked, I’m not sure that my focused training had paid off but If I shoot like this for 24 stages in September the other guys will start getting nervous.. I started with 300 rounds open and I was starting to become friend with my pistol, the dot dances like a belly dancer on steroids but that has to be ignored to certain degree, it cannot be stopped.


Once that open ammo was depleted it was time to change over to standard, and everything was jsut there, the hits, the reload, positioning it just worked.

Of 18 misses last year 16 were on targets witing 5 meters so sundays practice was mainly on targets of that distance, it work fine, everything work great. It was a fantastic feeling that after so many hours everything just was there, without effort or thought.

Now I have to find some ammo to continue the training, there are some big matches in the near future.

Shoot straight.


Training Posted on 13 Aug, 2008 22:40:44

Shot a match saturday, practices monday and today (wednesday) in preparation for the Swedish and Nordic Standard Championships this weekend. For the first time in a very long time I felt that serenity that is the doorstep to The Zone. Its very difficult to explain but all I do is based on feelings and my shooting is coming about feeling right.
I have one more round of practice tomorrow before packing and heading for the match and I really like where I am at the moment.smiley