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On my way to Vegas

IPSC Posted on 09 Sep, 2009 05:36:48

I’m finally on my way to the back to back US Handgun Nationals held this year in Sin City – Las Vegas.

After an exhausting week of hosting the Swedish handgun nationals ( I lost 2kgs the last week leading op to the match – I’ve never tried that before.)I’ll now be able to concentrate on getting as ready as I can for the Limited match.

I left Copenhagen on Friday 04 Sep and for the first time in 15 years I used an American carrier to get across the pond. Delta Airlines took me to Atlanta and I thought my 3½ hours layover would be more than enough but it was just enough to clear immigrations and customs. I strongly suggest doing – if possible – the transit in Europe and fly straight to destination in the US, its much easier.

Vatnajökul, Iceland – the biggest glacier in Europe.

When I finally arrived in Denver the rental car company had no records of my prepaid voucher, it happens every-time for me so its nothing new, it just takes a little longer. At 22:04 I finally arrive at Steve’s house for a well deserved beer, even US beer has punch after 30+ hours.

Sat 05Sep

Steve and I head to the famous Pancake house for breakfast, on the menu they have “Swedish pancakes with lingonberrysauce” I always try anything “Swedish” when I travel, most of the times I’ve never heard or seen the “genuine Swedish” stuff before. Now that can be because I’ve only lived in Sweden 31 out of my 40 years so I might have missed a few genuine Swedish things.

Shopping for a handgun.

After that Steve needed some support in buying another handgun so we went to a pretty good size gun store. After some trying, looking, feeling he fell upon a H&K P30L. After a 45 min (it was a slow day) background check we walked out of the store with a new gun. Its a different world over here, for better and worse – your call.

Sund 06Sep

The Aurora gun club held a small USPSA match and what better way to start getting back into some shooting shape than to shoot a little match. The entry fee was $20 for the 5 stage 120 round match. In USPSA standard division is called Limited and my dear thumbrest is not allowed. It takes a few day to get used to not having the thumbrest and I shot a terrible match, one stage was ok but the rest was pure crap – but very very valuable practice.

After that I raced to one of my favorite places on Earth, a cabin at 8175 feet in the middle of the Rockies. Almost the whole Carter clan was enjoying Memorial day weekend up there and it was fantastic to see everybody again.

Monday 07Sep

Was spent hanging around the cabin and then back to Pueblo. On my way into town I called another old high school friend and asked if I could drop by. Brent and Gwen had just bought a new cool house and we hung out shooting the s…t for a few hours. I might not talk to people for years and when we meet its like yesterday. Great – we did build some great friendships back in high school and should remind ourselves about that once in a while.

Tuesday 08Sep.

I met Lizard and Steve for practice as the Pueblo Sportsman’s range in Pueblo West, a fantastic facility with a multitude of ranges for all kind of shooting. With the ammo shortage here brought on by the fear of the Obama administration I had bought 750 rounds while in Denver, they turned out to be useless in my SVI as they were way to short. Luckily I many good friends and Lizard came through again and saved the day with some of his reloads.

One of the pistol bays at the fantastic Pueblo West Sportsman’s range.

Practice started crap as I’m well out of shape but as we burned brass I was starting to get the hang of the game, tomorrow we’ll do the same and then I’ll use the first match in Vegas as practice for my main event, the Limited match.

More about that later, now I have to activate my newly purchased iPhone 3G S. Someone said that its not possible for foreigners to buy an iPhone in the US as they are all locked by a service to AT&T.. we’ll I found a way…

Wednesday 09Sep

The iPhone is now running with the Navigon navigation software so I’m set, great piece of kit. This morning we practiced the Texas Stars as it will show up at the nationals. The star is intimidating if you haven’t shot it before but with some practice its no problem, but it must be treated with the proper respect otherwise it will sting. I’m getting back into shape and the shooting felt and was much better than the past months. Tomorrow I’m heading to SVI in Texas to check out my new gun, then its off to Vegas. My next update will probably be friday night, after picking up Wille and Sara at the airport in Vegas.

2009 Lithuanian Open

IPSC Posted on 13 Jul, 2009 14:55:44

The economical turmoil the world is in has also put its footprint on our sport, this years Lithuanian Open was transformed from its normal 2 day format to a 1 day match, Still a potent match with 14 stages and 225 rounds This is probably a reason why the attraction of foreigners outside the Baltic states was significantly lower this year, another reason is that the European Rifle Championships was the same weekend.

I can still combine my travel with work so I really try hard to make sure I visit at least one of the level III matches in Lithuania every year, the rest of Team Capsicum Danmark had busy schedules and could not join me this time so it was up to me to show our colors.

May and June has been a down period culmination with the awful performance at the Czech Euro Extreme. After that I’ve taken a break from shooting only competing in one SweDen Cup match and practicing twice, while working out a new mental plan.

Last year I lost the match to Team CZ junior world champion Zdenek Liehne on the last stage of the match due to a bad brass jamming my gun. This year I’m sure Team CZ was pretty confident that they would come and conquer top spot in Open, Prod and Standard. I had different plans….

I felt fresh, hungry and really really nervous as we walked through our first stage early Saturday morning. I had not fired a shot in over 10 day but was confident that it was to my advantage this time. My new mental game plan was in for its first test.

We started on stage 2, a tricky 24 round long course that required a good plan and precision movement and shooting, technically difficult – my kind of stage. Fantastic stage with a good mix of all elements. I shot well, although I felt a little slow but it would turn out that I produced the highest hitfactor of the match ousting even speed demon Martin Kamenicek who won stage 2 in Open.

Stage 3 was a straight forward 32 round stage with plenty of movement, I was not happy with 22A and 10C but my movement was ok.

Stage 4 was another tricky 28 round stage, empty start where all magazines had to be on a table, getting the spare mag in the holder took a little too long but I shot well and produced 28A, my mental plan was working and my confidence was growing along with it.

The stages were really really good throughout the whole match, even a 7 shot stage proved to be a severe challenge to most of us. Once again the guys here showed that they really can put on matches of quality second to none I’ve visited and I will do my utmost to attend at least one Level III match here every year.

I was worried that 14 stages in one day would be too much and we’d never finish but we were ahead of schedule all day long and finished around 4 p.m. Great stuff.

I had a few stages where I dropped some time, had a double feed on 5, a Dalmas classic reload on 7 and stage 11 where the timing went FUBAR, but that is what can be expected from any match, I shot a clean match, no Misses or Penalties and some stages like 1 and 2 I was smoking hot. My new mental game was a success, it worked really well as can be seen from my points. I have not shot a clean match since the Baltic Open in Riga some 2 years ago. Winning this match was a great feeling, even sweeter to have INFINITY break CZs clean sweep..

The only criticism to the match would be the prize table, yes there was two sponsored guns and some memorabilia from sponsors but for a €60 Euro match one could expect more of a general prize table.

Make sure you sign up for the Swedish Championships 11 stages 256 Rounds, entry fee €36 and I’m working on a prize table to remember.

Results can be seen at

Pictures and video?? unfortunately I had no chance to take either

EEO Day 3

IPSC Posted on 02 Jun, 2009 23:58:39

As I was arriving at the range the phone rang and I answered by misstake, it was my bank saying that they suspect that someone is trying to missuse my credit cards so as a safety precausion they’ve blocked all my accounts… Fantastic news when on “vacation”.. That set the parameters of how my day would be.

We started on stage 21 and as I was doing my final walk through I hit a wall and my gun fell to the sandy ground. It was very very painful to see the RO rack it to check clear. I was given a few minutes to strip the gun completely to get all the sand out.

I broke a basepad and follower in sheer madness, nothing worked at all it was possibly the worst day I’ve had on the range to date. I did come back very slightly on stage 26 where I really found the right timing, that felt really good by finishing the day with 5M and 2 PT is worse than what I’ve shot if I combine my two World Shoots… I’ve never shot 8m 2Pt and 1 Proc in a match before.

Holy crap what a day. The match was over. The second version of the Extreme Euro Open was over for me, I very dissapointed with myself but I couldn’t keep my focus on the last day with so many things going wrong.

The match had some really good stages but some of the 32 round stages was a little too focused on speed without precision. The match was good but I think the last years match was even better.

Good luck in the main match.

EEO Day 2-3

IPSC Posted on 02 Jun, 2009 23:23:31

Day two started on stage 11 a short course with 3 targets and 3 steel. I shoot it ok but there is no flow, watching the video I can’t help but wonder “why don’t you shoot”.. Same story on stage 12. Oh well the start of day 2 was better than day 1 but the felling just was not there.

Stage 13 had a prop that I had never seen, a dropping target but for some strange reason the prop was rendered useless by two PT targets that was moved in so it could not be engaged while on the move, had those 2 top PTs been keep to the side it had offered many more options. I shot two D but still rocked on that stage. I really had a good plan.

Stage 14 was a really fun 32 round stage, I kicked ass again but dropped a very unfortunate M on another close target… damn damn, shooting on the move is my game so this was my type of stage.

Stage 15 was 32 round empty your gun stage, I shot jerky and without that real flow.

Stage 16, a short course that required some speedy precision, I did pretty well becasue I had no extra shots on the steel in the last position after the dash.

Stage 17 another pretty good short course I shot it to the best of my ability and was pleased with my performance for the day, there was hope. but…

Stage 18 is quite possible the worst stage I’ve ever shot, not taking my result into account. The dreaded copper tunnels were worse than I had imagined. I’ve never had a procedural in my shooting career but that streek is over, it upset me to the point that I followed it up with a M. A terrible time, a procedural and a M as bonus. Fantastic. I’m sure I will not be alone in cursing this stage. It has no place in a serious competition. Yes cooper tunnels are allowed but their use should be done with a little more sensibility.

Stage 19 – I thought I shot it really well but my time was a little slow in comparison with others, timing it on film show that the timer very likely picked up another sound after my last shot. Tough luck but nothing to do..

Stage 20 – Our last of the day, I shot fairly ok and not thinking about stage 18 I was pretty pleased with my second day. The feeling and rythm was present at times but I was still in search mode. I was looking forward to day 3.

EEO Day 1

IPSC Posted on 31 May, 2009 18:22:24

Sleep is a fantastic thing, I awoke fresh and looked forward to the day’s shooting. The weather could be better, its cold and damp but at least it’s not raining.

Arriving at the range it was organized (I hope) chaos, a lot of officials looked really busy getting the last fixes done before the 08.00 first shot. I thought I was on squad 5 with a few RO’s I knew but I had been moved to squad 1, oh well. After equipment check – which was pretty strict – Read Barry Pollards letter, they followed that to the point. If a gun was below the belt it had to be adjusted, we discussed my hip bones for a while and I adjusted them to fit my gun position…;-) Spot checks was done at random all day. Great stuff. We have rules, they should be enforced but above all enforceable…

I headed for Stage 1 and found only 2 other shooters, I chatted with RO Andrej and his son from Lithuania while we waited but no other shooters showed up so the 3 of us would have to make up squad 1. I was nervous coming off two disappointing performances and started slow, a little too slow but I had my points. I was missing that feeling, that little extra that makes such a difference, especially for the mental game… I’m still looking even though the day would go ok.

The poppers in this match are tough, scoring zone only or it will remain standing. If you are a shooter for the main match, make sure that the poppers are reset right. Most of the poppers here are free hinged – lack of better word – they can be reset incorrectly so the first shot – a dead center hit – will make the popper go into the position where it will fall, where it should have been from the start, thus any calibration challenge will be lost.

I had such an experience on stage 3. I shot the popper, both me and the RO se the center hit, I see the popper move into place and give it another shot. In that split second I knew I’d lose a calibration challenge and claiming a bad setup would just not be granted, or very unlikely so a bad time is better than losing the calibration challenge. Right or Wrong I shot the popper activating the mover. A no win situation, damn Mr. Murphy cost me some 3 seconds…..

Stage 4 was the famous corner where they can just about build anything, this time it was pretty straight forward with speed, precision and agility. I shot ok but was again missing that little extra.

Stage 4 / Jungle Run /

Stage 5 was a great 19 round stage with a good mix of speed and precision and you also had to be able to position yourself right, I shot really aggressive and did pretty good 17A 1C but also 1M… and for those that know me… yes it was the closest target… Not the 15m swinger..

Stage 5 – RO’d by Alex from Norway

Stage 6 was another great 22 round stage, movement, speed, precision and I shot it pretty well although I hit the hardcover on the swinger so I had to make up a shot costing about ½ second or so. Contrary to most others I shot one target strong hand around a wall but that’s because I’m lefty and I felt it better to do so than to lean around the wall.

Last year the storm hit us as we approached stage 7, this year it was not on the same magnitude but it started raining, light at first but by our last stage we praised that the day was over – for us – because it was starting to get heavier.

Stage 7 called for 25 rounds and a lot of running, no real flow in the stage and I shot 4 extra shots on the 6 steel at the end…CRAP.

Stage 8 and 9 were two great little speed shoots. I shot what felt pretty well and was pretty pleased with my performance.

Hans was deleyed by joind squad 1 after 3 stages, he’s one of the oldest, showing that IPSC is a sport for all ages. He started shooting in the 30’s.. 1930’s…

Stage 10 was our last of the day and it called for 28 rounds of maximum speed and 4 rounds of full control. 12 targets at arm’s length, 2 at about 3 meters and 2 at 25meters. I’m not in favor of this kind of stages, I shot 3C in 20 seconds and don’t know if I could have done it much better than that.

10 stages 181 rounds – We have two days left. Great stuff. I’m going to have a beer and then try that 7 hours of sleep again, I’m certain it will make wonders for tomorrow.

2009 CZ Extreme Euro Open

IPSC Posted on 31 May, 2009 17:12:25

It was with both a feeling of “finally” and “oh crap” that instilled itself Saturday morning at 04.04 when the alarm bell rang – finally, because it’s the biggest match of the year and a day I’ve looked forward to. – Oh crap, because it was 04.04 in the morning and I should have slept more than the 3 hours I got to prepare for the 1026KM drive to Znojmo, Czech Republic.

The drive alone was boring and pretty uneventful. Germany is easy to drive through if you are lucky to stay away from the jams, I was lucky and did good time. CZ Republic offers more scenery and I was not so lucky with traffic or speed cameras. I think CZ has determined to topple the economic crisis by the use of speed cameras. My gps warns of all speed cams and it was a constant signal all the way to Prague then a little respite until turning off the highway for the last 90km to Znojmo. Every chance to overtake was ruined by a speed camera, it didn’t matter that much because the storm that hit last year hit again during the last 100km and kept the speed down.

I’m staying at Hotel Prestige just as the previous years, its really good, nice bar and good food, rooms are clean and the bed is good, well I died and slept like a rock anyway.

While I drove 1026 Km due south, Zig drove almost 800 km due north to the Kongsvinger Open Match in Norway. They have 25-27 degrees and not a cloud i sight, we have overcast with showers and single digit degrees, go figure..

8,5 degrees, heavy rain.. it fell as low as 7,5.. Its the 30th of MAY!!!

The weather forecast is a guessing game at best because there are some really unstable weather systems in central Europe at the moment, we are probably not going to have great weather but if we are a little lucky we might not end up with crap either.

Well Its time to quit, I’m beat. More after the first day of shooting tomorrow.

SweDen Cup 2

IPSC Posted on 11 May, 2009 15:46:47

SweDen Cup 2 was hosted by DSF Sjalland/Kobenhavn at one of the finest but also most restricted ranges on the SweDen Cup circuit, although we must adhere to local regulations its absolutely essential that we don’t make them worse on our own.

Some of the restrictions are valid but in my world there is a difference in shooting directions and safety angles. The IPSC ranges (bay 14/15) where stages 3/8 and 4 were, it sucks that the shooting angles are so tight but we can’t do much about that but not allowing for 90 degree safety angles is absurd Another absurd angle was on stage 1 where it was really really tight, but next door on stage 2 it was 90 degrees into the wall separating stage 1 and 2. On 2 it was ok to point into the wall but doing the same into the same wall on stage 1 was a DQ? The angles are driven by where people live, we are not to point a loaded weapon in any direction where there is housing within the safety distance.

I had this range as my home range from 1999-2006, the range has great potential but also the home of amyriad of empty promises and bureaucracy, we spent many days removing stones and getting the bays ready back in 2004/2005 but they are yet to receive their first shots. Even though its cumbersome it is still a great place to practice if you have the qualifications to use anything but the normal 25m ranges.

Back to the match.

picture curtesy of

Team Capsicum Danmark, premièring in our new team shirts started on stage 3. As Zig jokingly said when we met “du e´sur” and he quite possible was right, I was for some reason a little touch and my head was not focused on the task at hand…

it showed directly with a awful performance on both stage 3 and 8 almost zeroing both stages.. handing the match to Ralf. The rest of the team had similar experiences and it would continue during the day. I seriously doubt that the team can or will perform any worse in the future.

This match was technically very difficult and it should have suited me perfectly, I’m confident with my precision under pressure and am in good form but I never got the rhythm working in this match. I shot a few ok stages as well but generally dropped far to many point compared to my normal performance.

Primus motor behind the match was Peter Munk Andersen ( and he did a great job of pulling this off, it was not without controversy but that is being dealt with separately. This is a volunteer sport and a great thanks goes to all that voluteered so we once again could shoot.

Although shooting 3 disasters out of 8 stages is terrible and far below my par I must find something positive, I guess it must be that I still finished with 87%.

Next week the whole team (incl our mascot) will be in Goteborg for the Putte Memorial with a freshly opened can of whoop ass.

Fajsan has found his way to the www. check his matchreport on

I’m sure Munken will have more on his page.

Results can be found on

Pictues and video will appar on my page later this week..

Last but not least, I’d like to say thanks to the team and my sponsors supplying me with the best possible equiment and support.

Falun feb-09

My & Wille's world Posted on 04 Mar, 2009 01:22:11

Jag försöker att åka hem till Dalarna minst en gång per år, och det brukar bli runt Vasaloppet i hopp om att det ska vara vinter så att Wille får prova på alla former för vintersport.

Vi har 704km hem till Falun och bilturen gick fint tills vi kom till Lindesberg, då började regnet övergå i snöblandat regn som efter backarna upp mot Grängesberg gick över till kraftigt snöfall. Ludvika – Falun tog över 1 timme längre än normalt då det var riktigt, riktigt halt.

Utanför Ludvika, 23.30 26FEB09 – Snöyra och snorhalt.

Som tur var vi ensamma på vägen – smarta människor höll sig inne – så vi kom helskinnade fram till full service hotellet “Moster Ingrid”, en snabb kopp te och sen i säng.

Det går inte att önska sig bättre väder än det vi hade på denna resa. 30-50cm snö, klarblå himmel och ett par minus grader. Vi började med att åka bob eller snowracer om man föredrar det.

Sara, Wille och Jag kom Onsdag, Lars o Lena med Malte kom Torsdag och Farmor och Farfar kom fredag så det var fullt hemma hos Ingrid o Sören. Wille kallade både Ingrid och Farmor för farmor.. Vi har en fantastiskt släkt och det är riktigt kul att spendera tid tillsammas de få gånger det blir.

Wille fick även prova på den ädla konsten att pimpla, dvs fiska genom isen – pimpla andra saker kommer senare i livet.

Dag 2 var det dax att prova skidor för första gången, 2 ½ är yngsta laget men det var nu eller vänta till nästa år så ett par billiga skidor köptes in.

Det gick lite si och så men det är fantastiskt att se hur snabbt barn lär sig nya saker, nästa år blir det en vecka i fjällen.

En annan fantastik form för vinter aktivitet är långfärds skridskor och få platser kan erbjuda bättre möjligheter än Falun och sjön Runn. kolla in

Wille satt i sin vagn och ropade “fortare, fortare” så han njöt fullt ut även av det, men roligast var nog att bara leka i den djupa snön, det kunde han inte få nog av.

Vi hann också med ett par pass med längd skidorna så det fattades bara lite utförsåkning så provat allt men det får vi ta nästa år. Tiden går fort när man har det kul och de 704km tillbaka till slasket i söder var långa men gick bra.

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